Farila Guest House

by AIGI Architect + Associates

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In this very limited area there is an expectation of the owners to develop the hospitality business, driven from analyze on demand around the site to the needs of accommodation with the concept of home as unique value other than major hotels already open around. This land conditions when compared to the corresponding capacity and return on investment (ROI) lead us to the concept of quality over quantity that can maintain high occupancy rate.

So based on vision to offers house atmosphere so the planning starts with mindset a house for guest. Thus the limited land area and location inside housing area is not a shortage anymore but rather in terms of the potentials factors that would build house atmosphere.

Placement of central void that permeates from top to bottom floor to bring light and natural air is the main core of this project so guests always have sensitivity to time changes in the morning – noon – afternoon – evening. This impression is often lost when we are inside multistory hotel building in common. Room type is made with 3 variations where every possibility of direct connections between facilitated with a door connector with the thought that rooms can be connected for group of family guest so they can have connected space from inside without having to out of the room.

Adaptation of buildings to housing around is by structuring the mass that look just 2 floor height from front façade and shield shaped roof typology so from the beginning procession guests coming had already brought the meaning of entering a house.

Location Surabaya, Indonesia
City Surabaya
Property Type Hospitality
Area Size 800 sqm
Design Style Modern
Architect / Designer
Project duration
Year of completion

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