Madison Park Studio Apartment

by Flux Interior

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Situated exclusively in the heart of West Jakarta, this studio-type apartment project is one of our most challenging works so far. Through a thorough three-dimensional survey of the apartment and careful assessment of spatial-effectiveness, we were able to incorporate our clients' aspiration with our own creative expertise.

Many said that studio-apartment design are very rigid, cramped and inefficient. By fully utilising every spaces within this room, we introduce a very unique and not your everyday studio apartment. The centerpiece of this apartment is the incorporation of bedroom, living room, study/working and dining room. The most challenging aspect that we have to achieve is to create all the rooms in one space and yet still give it a spatious feeling.

Location Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
City Jakarta Barat
Property Type Apartment
Area Size 0 sqm
Design Style Modern, Scandinavian
Architect / Designer
Project duration
Year of completion